Wasteland Punk is turn-based mobile party RPG. The action takes place in a post-apocalyptic future. In year 22** Civilization was destroyed by a devastating solar flare which burns most of electrical devices and means to produce electricity. Army AI system which controlled Nuclear weapon went mad and launched hundreds of nuclear missiles all around the world. The world became a dangerous place full of mutated animals, environmental hazards, and madmеn.

The player is taking on the role of mercenary squad leader, who took an offer from the almost legendary organization called “Foundation”. He has to take control of their old outpost and bring data lost there. This, simple at first task, quickly become battle for survival with other factions populating old USA central states. The player will have to find new allies and resources to survive and grow new power in the region.

Gameplay builds around an exploration of big tile-based maps full of procedurally generated encounters, which vary from simple combat to long story based quests inspired by games like Space Rangers and Pathfinder. Since exploration is the core pillar of Wasteland Punk, we implemented a deep RPG system with 6 primary and 12 advanced classes. With 4-man squad, it allows hundreds of possible setups each with its ups and downs. To further inspire creativity in our players we implement Q system that will enable them to create items with almost any stats. So with enough resources and time, they can get that exact item to make their build going.

If the player tired of exploring wasteland, he can come back to his base. Here he can manage workers occupied on various resource stations. Visit bar to find recruits, or level up his current crew. Craft new equipment in the workshop, or try to reforge existing one, hoping for better stat rolls. Faction missions await him in the outpost.

The player can send his men on these missions, and in several hours they will come back with reward based on mission difficulty, faction relationship and how much his squad fit the requirements. For players who want some more lore information several NPCs sit in town, ready to tell him more about the world around, and their personal stories. For social interactions, we implement a guild system as well as PvP ladder. Both in one click from the outpost view.

Dev diary

We need your feedback

Hi all! We need your feedback. Maybe you have a good idea for our game or want to add something? We open to everyone!

Meet your team: Medic

If you want to survive in Wasteland, Medic should be your best friend. Because ethical issues at such times are extremely rare. They really know your inner world, so, Medic can save your broken arm or even bring your back from the dead. Just in case, the doctors keep with them a sawn-off shotgun to fight off a random raider, or finish off a patient who can no longer be helped.

Know your enemy: Sergeant

Sergeants are local Horde commanders. Their main task is to bring Leader ideas to cannon fodder. Is it just order to capture the women's or suicide assault. Handmaid pistol and whip can help them to be more understandable for brainless Grunts.

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