Development diary #4 "Mercenaries"

Let's talk about mercenaries. They are your main instrument in achieving anything in Wasteland punk. You take them on expeditions into the wasteland. You send them to do dirty work for other faction. Their skills are essential in completing quests and so on. So, what are they?

Mercenaries are different people you find in the city bar. They sell their skills for money and... maybe glory. You can find all kind of folks here. Some can stitch your body back after an explosion. Others spend all life to perfecting their custom rifles and shoot people with it. We decided that we don't want to have ten's or even hundreds of "unique" mercenaries. Each with its own skillset and art that looks like some rip off of popular character. Instead, we thought, that having similar looking character fill much better in the whole idea about our world and mercenaries. So we create a class system. 

In short, class determine what skills character can use in combat. When you hire a mercenary it has one of the base classes. Later as he levels up you can choose one of the master class for him. You can think about it as specialization. You can have a surgeon, who is good in healing tank single character and apply a debuff on the enemy boss. Or you can have a general medic, who can heal your whole party, but at a lesser efficiency. You can think about the base class as the root of the tree and master classes are branches. 


Mercenaries also have 6 main attributes. You can split them into types:

  1. Strenght and Technic boost dmg of character skills. 

  2. Endurance increases maximum health. Resists lower incoming damage.

  3. Dexterity increase chance to hit a target. Speed allows dodging hits, and use skills faster. 


By proper balancing different attributes, you can tune character to fit a specific role for him. With some in-dependences between stats, we hope to create a system, where there is no obvious answer on how to make "The best character". We want to inspire players to search for an answer that suits them and their playstyle. 


That's all for now next time we will tell about the equipment.