Development diary #1

Hello everybody! We are a small indie team from Russia. And I'm here to tell you about the game we have been working for the last half a year.

It's all started with the idea about players experience, and what new can we bring to the table. When you look at the mobile games, you quickly realise that they follow formulas well established years before. New games release every now and then, but each of them feels kinda the same and bland. We wanted to bring some fresh air, and prove that mobile games may be as deep and engaging as PC or console ones. Inspired by such legends, as Wasteland 1-2, Darkest Dungeon, Jagged Alliance and so on. With that in mind, we started our work on what will become Wasteland punk.

Wasteland punk is the party RPG taking place in postapocalyptic future. You take on yourself the role of mercenary captain, who has to carry his team through all madness that happens around. Different factions, each with its own interests and ambitions fight for control over the wasteland, and you are gonna be part of it. We want really empathize on mercenary part of our game, so you'll have to make your hands dirty here and there to reach your goals. Money, equipment, the information they will all come at a cost, and you decide how to pay it.

Our second goal was to give players the ability to really explore the game. That's why instead of separate linear levels, or even worse set of "dungeon-like" encounters, we create these big, open locations which you can freely explore on your own. They are filled with different types of encounters, from combat ones to full-scale text quest. There are a lot of deeper in-game systems for players to explore. I'll tell about them in future development diary posts. Stay tuned!